Stories From the Heart of International House

  • Award for Community Organization

    Posted in News / Articles on Feb 28, 2019.

    Courtesy of Fort Wayne Magazine:

    Brenda Neuenschwander founded The International House (I-House) 15 years ago. Operating as a non-profit, the I-House functions as a bridge for refugees and immigrants to assist with assimilation within the Fort Wayne community. Its efforts and holistic programming are recognized with the Community Organization Award. I-House participants are from over 30 countries and attend weekly English classes, as well as other programs. It also offers programming for children, including summer camps and afterschool tutoring. All of I-House's programming is overseen by Heat...

  • Interview with Ann Heign

    Posted in News / Articles on Feb 28, 2019.

    Courtesy of Glo Magazine:

    Article by Courtney Rawlinson

    Ann Heign is the program director at International House (iHouse), a mother to four daughters and an Indiana native. She graduated from Trine University and has a love for books, nature, languages, ballet— and has a huge heart for embracing formerly persecuted internationals.

    The mission of iHouse is quite inspiring. How has this mission impacted your own life outside of work? 

    “… International House was founded with the heart to embrace both the international and the refugee. How we do that looks different for each individual person. … P...

  • A Safe Place

    Posted in Stories from International House on Feb 27, 2019.

    Have you ever felt slapped in the face by an expectation you didn't even know you had? If you haven't, it's a humbling experience. And if you have, allow me to commiserate with you . . .

    My first day on staff at International House began on a Women's Club day. For anyone not familiar with what Women’s Club is, it's a day where thirty to forty women from just about as many countries come to IHouse for English classes, or sewing and knitting instruction, as well as to enjoy fellowship with other refugees and internationals and numerous volunteers. Many of them also have their children with them ...